Teenager's Rules

/ June 23, 2010 /
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Have you ever heard about "Blackberry, Braces, Blowed-hair" rule? What did you think about it?
Indonesian teenagers use that rules.

1. Blackberry
We all know, blackberry is the most useable phone now in Indonesia. Mostly teenagers use that just for... i don't know. They want people to know they were cool for having it. What's that for? just for... fame. I'm using nokia fyi. The slim one, i don't know the type, but it's great. I used to hide it in my bag so teachers won't know that i bring it.mark my words: they never know until now

2. Braces
We all know(again) that braces have a function to make our teeth more pretty, organazied. But now... people using it just for style. I've just found a store in facebook. They're selling a braces! Come on people! Did you know the effect after you use that fake-just-for-style-braces? You will get some serious problem on your mouth. mark my words: use it for your own good

3. Blowed-Hair
Mmm, i've never blowed my hair when i'm hanging out at the mall or in a party. Well maybe for some people it is important but see, in the end your hair will be dried. And damaged. Because you blowed your hair too much.Thank god that you were given a nice silky hair.

Come on people! NEVER EVER use that rule. Change it to

1. Beauty
Inner beauty i mean.

2. Behaviour
Hah, i see many people are beautiful. Theygot a plus score. But when i see in their other side. Their attitude were..... i don't know... messy. They did something insane. So be good. Do the good thing.

3. Brain
Beautiful, but stupid? mmm... i prefer someone that not-beautiful-enough but smart than beautiful-but-stupid. you didn't want to lose? so, be smart

I got this things from twitter.com, i agree with it.
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