/ April 9, 2014 /

Well, hari ini genap 4 hari menuju hari itu.
Haha hari ujian yang sebenarnya tidak terlalu ku masalahkan.

When suddenly, i'm kinda afraid of losing them, losing every regular moment and feeling--and the other side of me when i'm there--in school.

I started to appreciate every single detail things in my school--the corridor, chairs, class, stairs, friends, teacher, Mrs that, Mrs this, Mr that, Mr this, everyone, and closest friends.
I even paying attention on my closest friend's attitude and everything about them-their walk, hairstyles, the way they talk and what we're often talked about, their laughs, smile--yes, everything.

So from now on, I will be paying close attention on you guys--'till the graduation day..kkk


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