/ January 31, 2016 /

I got the most heart-touching letter from the man who don't talk much, who can't arrange a romantic talks or words. Who chose silence in an argument.

Yet-- I'm the one who drowned in his words today.

I know we don't have to worry about anything
and we both believe this feeling will stays the same.
7 months is not that long---since we always miss each other everytime, since we always communicate and share our stories like we always do anytime.
7 months is a loong period of time--since all I want is annoy and hug you everyday :(

All I want is you to be happy--I know you'll nailed it honey!
And I'm happy to witness your success.

I'll be waiting and missing you every second. There's no need to be sad even tho i'm crying right now with your letter :p .
 I will always be here whenever you need me!
We will get through it, Damario
Nothing will change, and my love will always with you

Luqyana Rifa Mufida

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